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Seal Church Of England Primary School

Seal Church Of England Primary School

Spreading Joy in our Community

Seal Nursery School Children sent Christmas cards to local key workers

Just before Christmas our Nursery children in Caterpillars Class spent a bit of time thinking carefully about the people around them and came up with a list of the people who are particularly kind and caring within the community. They then decided to send these special people Christmas cards as a way to show their appreciation.

Cards were sent to our own office staff, our cleaners, our postman, the local police and doctors, as well as people who sell us food and the carers who look after our elderly community. 

Class teacher Mrs Garcia and the children were really touched and excited to receive a thank you back from our local police force:

We would like to thank yourself and all the children for our lovely Card and Pictures.

We hope you are all staying safe but still having lots of fun at Nursery.

It is a very difficult time for everyone with ‘the silly virus’, but it’s important that we support each other and be kind.

In the future when we are aloud to visit, we would love to come to the Nursery and saying Hello and Thank you all in person.

Your card and drawings are an act of kindness and they spread joy, so once again Thank you very much Seal Primary School Nursery and keep being kind.

Kind regards


PCSO Yasmin Papworth (Youth engagement officer)

PC Nick Hubbard (Town Police officer)

PCSO Yasmin Papworth (Youth engagement officer)

PCSO Tim Darling (District PCSO)

PCSO George Wilders (District PCSO)

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