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Seal Church Of England Primary School

Seal Church Of England Primary School

Ofsted Success

We are, once again, officially rated a good school!

I am delighted to officially share with you the outcome of our Section 8 Ofsted Inspection last month; our rating remains ‘Good’.

I have attached the letter below which summarises the findings from the inspection, which were all positive; we are all delighted with the outcome. As with all inspections, schools are given next steps to work towards, there are usually two or three action points. We have only been given one, which is testament to the great work we are doing at Seal.

As you will read in the letter, the action they have given us is something we are already in the process of doing. As you are aware, we have a creative curriculum here at Seal and the next step in our development of our curriculum (already identified prior to the inspection) was to plot our learning experiences across the year so we can build upon prior knowledge.

Part of my role as Executive Headteacher is to look at curriculum development and we had planned to take this further than the Ofsted target. We have already achieved the next step stated in their letter; this had been planned to be completed on the Inset day after the half term just gone, prior to the inspection. We have now moved onto planning subject specific knowledge, skills and concept progressions, which breaks down the objectives from the National Curriculum even further. This is something very few schools across the country have done to date; as usual, we are ahead of the game in relation to curriculum development.

I hope you enjoy reading our Inspection letter.

Mrs Mitchell

Executive Headteacher

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