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Seal Church Of England Primary School

Seal Church Of England Primary School

1.) Monday 22nd February


Monday 22nd February

Butterflies and Dragonflies






9:00 – 9:15




Daily Teams Meeting




9:15 – 10:00











Please take part in the relevant speed sound lesson:


Set 2 lessons (pink and orange groups)




Set 3 lessons (yellow, blue and grey groups)




Please email your teacher to find out which group your child is in

if you are not sure.


Then, read a book to practise your reading. Use the Oxford Owl

e-books or the books on the website under: classes, key stage 1 reading.

Read each book 3 times over 3 days as follows:

1st day – read to decode the words and make sure you can

read every word in the book.


2nd day – read the book again and try to read with

fluency and expression.


3rd day – read the book again and answer the comprehension

questions at the end.


If you are in guided reading, we are starting a new

book called ‘The Worst Witch’ by Jill Murphy,

please read chapter 1 and answer the questions in full sentences. 

We look forward to reading your answers.











Mental Arithmetic




Remind yourself what a double is by watching:

BBC iPlayer - Numberblocks - Series 2: Double Trouble


Doubles are when we add the same number to itself,

for example 4 + 4


Then practise your doubles on hit the button:

Hit the Button - Quick fire maths practice for 5-11 year olds (


Click ‘doubles’ and start with doubles to 10.

When confident, practise doubles 5-15.

When confident, practise doubles 10-20.


Don’t worry if you don’t manage all of this today!

Just get up to where you are confident.









Watch Mrs Smith’s wellbeing session:



















Breaktime - have a healthy snack and play.









L.O. To use the inverse operation (applying)

SC1: I can identify the missing number.

SC2: I can represent the equation in a bar model/cherry model.

SC3: I can use the inverse operation to calculate the missing number.



Watch today’s video tutorial:





Task 1 at 2:25 – Create the fact families from these representations:







Task 2 at 12:43 – sort these calculations between ‘need

to use the inverse’ or ‘just need to calculate.’









Task 3 at 17:34 – solve this missing number problem: ? + 77 = 94


Task 4 at 20:00 – solve this missing number problem: 84 + ? = 100


Task 5 at the end of the video – choose a challenge:







For additional support, please watch:



For the optional extension, please watch:



Then complete the task on the class page.

Resource: maths optional extension.




11:45 – 12:45






LO: To understand the differences between formal and informal letters (understanding)

SC1: I can locate the different features of a formal and informal letter

SC2: I can classify formal and informal letters based on their features

SC3: I can explain how I know if a letter is formal or informal


Watch the video tutorial and complete the tasks within:





If you would like a further breakdown of the

tasks please watch this video:



Task 1 – Recap – a true of false quiz. Pause the video at: 2:57


Task 2 – Look at the letters on the screen.

Can you identify a feature to work out if the letter is formal or informal?

Pause the video at: 8:25


Task 3 – Sort or classify the example letters on the

class page into formal or informal, recording them in a table.

Pause the video at: 11:37


RESOURCE – Formal and Informal letters to sort – on the class page


Task 4 – Choose one of the example letters and write a

couple of lines explaining how you know the letter you

have chosen is formal or informal. Pause the video at: 14:07

RESOURCE: Formal and Informal letters to sort – on the class page.


Task 5 – Complete your reflection. Pause the video at: 15:47


For additional support please watch:




For the optional extension: Instead of Task 3 you

could do the “English Challenge Activity” on the class page.

For this task please identify the formal letters, informal letters

and the persuasive letters.







Lunchtime and playtime






1:45 – 3:00



Optional afternoon activities


Please see this video to view the different challenges you

could take part in this week:





It is up to you how many of these challenges you do, if any.

You could do all 5 challenges (1 each day) or you could select

something that really interests you and do that every afternoon

for the week. It’s totally up to you!


Resource: challenges week 1













Story time


Watch story time with Mrs Clarke:








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