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Seal Church Of England Primary School

Seal Church Of England Primary School

1.) Monday 4th January

Here is the timetable for today. It is saved below as an attachment along with any other documents needed for the day.

9:00 – 9:30



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Reading – If you are in Read, Write Inc, Oxford Owl have made available the e-books relevant to your RWI level. You will need to create a login first so please visit:


Once you have confirmed your login on your email it will direct you to a page that says “Find a book” Please click on that and then follow the instructions below.


Click on e-books and find your relevant book colour to read. Please read the same book 3 times; this does not all have to be today.

1st day – read to decode the words and make sure you can read every word in the book.

2nd day – read the book again and try to read with fluency and expression.

3rd day – read the book again and answer the comprehension questions at the end.

If you are in guided reading, we are going to start a new book – George's Marvellous Medicine by Roald Dahl

Please read the first chapter and answer the questions.  Please ask a grown up if you are stuck on any words and try and answer in full sentences.


9:30 – 10:00


Image result for times tables clip art


Practise your addition within 20 by playing top marks: Hit the Button - Quick fire maths practice for 5-11 year olds (








Do a chosen mindfulness activity e.g. drawing, going for a walk (if you can), dancing, listening to music and deep breathing etc.





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Breaktime - have a healthy snack and play.




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Watch this video and complete the tasks set: Knowing the number of hours in one day (







I would love to hear all about your Christmas Day and what you got up to.

In English we call this "writing a recount" A recount is where we are re-telling something that has happened in the past and it is really important that we tell it in the order that it happened.


Have a listen to Michael Rosen telling us more about how to write a recount and then use the sheets attached below to help you plan and write one of your own all about your Christmas Day. If you don’t celebrate Christmas, you could write about another day in the Christmas holidays.


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Make sure you use sequencing language such as: First, Next, Then, After, Before, During, Whilst, When.


11:45 – 12:00

See the source image



These are our new spellings for this week:-

**They all have a silent letter at the beginning**











Please read each of our new spellings and make sure you know what each spelling means – you may need to look a few up in a dictionary or an online dictionary.






Lunchtime and playtime







Image result for pencil clipart




We hope you all had a wonderful Christmas. Now that you have written about your Christmas Day, we would like you to learn a little more about the Christian celebration of Christmas. I wonder if there are similarities with your day that you notice!


Find out how Christmas is celebrated: How is Christmas celebrated? (


Find out why the 3 wise men shared gifts with baby Jesus: Why did the three wise men share gifts with baby Jesus? (


Find out why the manger is so important: Why is the manger so important? (


Write a paragraph about what you have found out and email it to your teacher. We can't wait to see what you find out!










Time outdoors


Get some fresh air and go and play outside, if you have a garden.

If you do not have a garden, try to go for a walk with a parent at some point today.







  See the source image









Story time


Watch this story ‘The Way Back Home’ by Oliver Jeffers: (2) 📚 THE WAY BACK HOME - OLIVER JEFFERS - STORY TIME READ ALOUD FOR KIDS - BOOKS FOR KS1 CHILDREN - YouTube




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