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Seal Church Of England Primary School

Seal Church Of England Primary School

18th March timetable

Timetable 18th March

IMPORTANT MESSAGE: We will be doing live lessons from tomorrow (19th) onwards on Microsoft Teams, meaning there will be no more timetables on the school website. Please visit our class page from the 19th March onwards to access the home learning.




Class zoom! Please see the personalised invitations via email.

10:00- 10:45am

LIVE guided reading on Teams. Please see the otters team class for the link.

10:45- 11am



Break time





Please do some TT rockstars and mathletics during this time.



Lunch time




  1. Please could you choose a climate zone:


Tropical, Arid (dry), Temperate and Polar.


  1. Then, use google (or an atlas/google Earth) to choose a country within that climate zone.
  2. Use your research skills to write a little information booklet /leaflet/ poster about that country.


You can research:


The weather

The food

The attractions/ landmarks


It can be done on the computer or hand written.


This is brilliant practice for when we get back to school and doing the research for our experience.


Examples of leaflets/ little information booklets/ posters can be found at the bottom of the webpage!




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