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Seal Church Of England Primary School

Seal Church Of England Primary School

2023-24 Experience 1 - Caterpillar Roolz!

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We are beginning our year in Nursery by learning all about our class rules and how we can make sure that we all learn, grow and enjoy ourselves in the Nursery.


We will be discussing and agreeing upon the different rules that we want to have in our classroom and why they are important. We are also going to be understanding how we can follow these rules and respect each other to make sure we are all safe, happy and able to learn!


As Seal Church of England Primary School is a Rights Respecting School, we will be learning about the United Nations Rights of the Child and how we can use our rules to make sure that we respect everyone’s rights in the Nursery. We will be working together as a class to create a class charter that we will follow for the rest of the year!

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