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Seal Church Of England Primary School

Seal Church Of England Primary School

5, 4, 3, 2, 1... Blast off!


What can I see when I look through a telescope...? 




We had an excellent time answering to that question. During this term, we learnt about planets, satellites, constellations and space rockets through all the areas of the EYFS. 


We had plenty of opportunities to explore textures through messy play and sensory tray activities. 


We had the chance to work on our fine motor skills' development using scoopers to 'scoope the planets out of space', tweezers to 'catch a pom-pom star' and sticking stars stickers on our night sky! 


Our role-play area turned into a spaceship. We had many space prompts to encourage our role-play, a spaceship control board and even a 'space working station' where we Investigated and played with different materials every day. But they had just arrived from space, so they were quarantining, and we could only access them through the holes on the sides of the box!



We also had a lot of fun practising our sounds, sounding out and putting together the planet's names.  



One of our focus areas during this experience was Maths, specifically, 2D shapes, using them for a purpose. We developed our knowledge on 2D shapes through different activities, teacher led ones and inspired play ones. 

We counted the sides on the different 2D shapes and learnt about their similarities and differences. We recreated them with lolly sticks and decorated them.


We used our light board to make patterns and our own creations using the shapes we learnt.  


After discovering about constellations, we also made our own shape ones, using the stickers as stars and joining the dots together to find out the shapes we made.


Our other focus area was EAD, being able to use and assemble materials with a purpose in mind. Answering to our questions - what can I see when I look through a telescope? - we decided to create models of all the space elements we saw!

Astronauts, making the helmets... 

Space rockets with junk modelling...

And, obviously, planets! We used plaster of paris - which was extremely messy!


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