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Seal Church Of England Primary School

5.) Friday 5th March


Friday 5th March

Butterflies and Dragonflies





9:00 – 9:15




Daily Teams Meeting



9:15 – 10:00

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  Image result for reading clip art









Please take part in the relevant speed sound lesson:


Set 2 lessons (pink and orange groups)




Set 3 lessons (yellow, blue and grey groups)





Please email your teacher to find out which group your child is in if you are not sure.


Then, read a book to practise your reading. Use the Oxford Owl e-books or the books on the website under: classes, key stage 1 reading.

Read each book 3 times over 3 days as follows:

1st day – read to decode the words and make sure you can read every word in the book.


2nd day – read the book again and try to read with fluency and expression.


3rd day – read the book again and answer the comprehension questions at the end.


If you are in guided reading, please read the final chapter of The Worst Witch by Jill Murphy and write a book review.  I have attached a book review template to the class page to help you or you can write your own :-)





Image result for times tables clip art10:00-10:15




Please follow the link above to a multiple-choice spelling test – let your teacher know your score! Hope you enjoy it :-)













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  Image result for healthy snack clip art









Breaktime - have a healthy snack and play.


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L.O. To solve comparison problems (applying)

SC1: I can represent the problem.

SC2: I can identify the operation.

SC3: I can use the operation to calculate the answer.



Watch today’s video tutorial:




Task 1 at 1:14 – solve these word problems:









Task 2 at 10:18 – write down the key information in this problem:


Ethan has 61 building blocks. Matt has 14 more building blocks than Ethan. How many building blocks does Matt have?


Task 2 at 10:51 – Represent the same problem in a bar model.


Task 3 at 12:02 – Identify the operation that will be used to answer the problem.


Task 4 at 12:51 – complete 61 + 14


Task 5 at the end of the video – complete the word problems on the class page


Resource – comparison word problems


If you would like more support with this, please watch this video which breaks it down again, step by step:




Optional extension:


11:45 – 12:45

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Depending on how you feel about your letter writing either watch the show lesson where you will re-draft your letter based on your improvements you decided yesterday or if you feel really confident with letter writing and have been following our persuasive letter optional extension videos challenge yourself to the grow lessons today.


Show lesson


LO: To know how to redraft a letter (analysing)

SC1: Ican select an area of my letter to redraft

SC2: I can revise part of my letter

SC3: I can add my revised part of my letter to my main letter


Watch the video tutorial and complete the tasks set:




For additional support watch this tutorial:




Grow lesson


LO: To evaluate different places based on their geographical features (evaluating)

SC1: I can compare the human features of 2 geographical places

SC2: I can compare the physical features of 2 geographical places

SC3: I can justify where I would prefer to live


Watch the video tutorial and complete the tasks set:




Task 1 at 2:07: Watch the two videos on the UK and Australia


Task 2 at 16:20: Create a good plan bad plan on the questions “Should I live in Australia?”


Task 3 at 18:34: Write a short paragraph justifying where you would rather live.


LO: To create a persuasive letter based on my own opinion (creating)

SC1: I can use persuasive techniques to form an argument

SC2: I can justify my point of view

SC3: I can convince the reader of my point of view


Watch the video tutorial and complete the task set:




Task: Write a persuasive letter to Mrs Clarke on whether you think she should move to Australia or not based on the opinion your formulated from the evaluating lesson.




Lunchtime and playtime



1:45 – 3:00



Optional afternoon activities


Please see this video to view the different challenges you could take part in this week:






It is up to you how many of these challenges you do, if any. You could do all 5 challenges (1 each day) or you could select something that really interests you and do that every afternoon for the week. It’s totally up to you!


Resource: challenges week 2





See the source image

  See the source image









Story time


Watch story time with Mrs Clarke:





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