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Seal Church Of England Primary School

Seal Church Of England Primary School


Wakey-Wakey: Cosmic Kids Yoga: today, Parsnip the Cat. 

Funky Fingers and Mark Making: let’s practise our names on a very special way. Write their names for them, nice and big on a piece of paper. Some of them will be confident enough to do it by themselves. Then, we will use small bits and pieces we have at home for decorating it. It can be pasta, rice, buttons, gems, straw pieces… Get creative!

Phonics: listen to Mr Tongue story

Maths: let’s do some counting with the number line – numbers up to 10 and up to 20 – pointing at the numbers as we say them in order. Then, choose one of them, say the name aloud (N) and we are going to count actions up to N number (handclaps, jumps, hops on one leg, ball catches, head pats, steps, jumping jacks…). It’s a good exercise as well!

Experience learning: Precious Pets. As many children in Nursery were very interested in pets before the Christmas holidays, our next learning experience will be ‘Precious Pets.’ In order to begin our floorbook, we will be answering two questions about ‘Pets’: ‘what do you know about them?’ and ‘what do you want to learn?’ Make sure you write down their answers and if you send them over to me, that would be amazing! ‘What do we know about pets?’ Ask your children open-ended questions about Pets: what are they, where do they live, what do they eat, what do they do… ‘What do we want to know?’

Storytime with Mrs Ryan: Doing the Animal Bop




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