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Seal Church Of England Primary School

Seal Church Of England Primary School


Wakey-wakey: Morning Yoga with Cosmic Kids: today, Tommy the bedtime Turtle

Funky Fingers and Mark Making: you will find some pet pictures on Tapestry. Can you decorate some of them using fingerprints? Remember! You’re not allowed to use the whole hand but just tapping the tips on your fingers!

Phonics: we are going to practise some tongue twisters today. You can see one as an example and find them all on Tapestry. 

Maths: we are going on a number hunt! Find all the numbers you can in your house! If you want a challenge, take a notepad and a pencil with you and copy the numbers, so you can find them on the number line later!



Experience learning: Precious Pets. Have a look at our floor map. We know lots of things about pets and we want to know some, too. 

For today, make the longest list of pets you can come up with. You can use the Internet, parents or your older siblings to help you with the task. Can you send me a picture of the list, so I can put all those pets on our floor book? Can you look for those animals using the Internet, look at some pictures of them, and answer the questions below and share their answers with me, so we can put them in common? Thank you!
1.    Have they all got legs?
2.    Have they all got fur?
3.    Are they big/medium/small-sized?
4.    Challenge: which one might be trickier to be looked after?

Storytime: I want a pet. 




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