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Seal Church Of England Primary School

Seal Church Of England Primary School


Friday is the day to improve our IT skills through different games. You will need a tablet or a phone for your learning today.

Wakey-wakey: Morning Yoga with Cosmic Kids: today, Calipso the Flamingo 

Funky Fingers and Mark Making: name writing. Today is the day. Practise writing your name using your favourite colour pen. Write over your name lines and then have a go by yourself! You can use as many colours as you want. See the picture as a reference.

Phonics: do you recognise these sounds? Challenge: can you recognise the ‘odd’ sound on each group of 3? Follow this link from BBC radio learning and have a go!

Maths: You can play online with the ‘Under the sea counting’ game, counting up to 5 or up to 10. 

Experience learning: Precious Pets. Watch the story 'I want a pet'.



Design your own pet using this online tool! You can choose between different animals and options, change their fur colours, their spots, their eyes and snouts... Explore all the options and have fun! 

Storytime: today, Dirty Bertie. 




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