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Seal Church Of England Primary School

Seal Church Of England Primary School

Addition machines!

For Addition Machines Year R asked us to make something to help the Year R's learn to add and subtract.

The children were learning about addition and subtraction in order to help the younger children with their subtracting and adding. They will be creating a video which will be made and shared with reception to help them!


Within addition we have been learning:

- How to aggregate

- The addition and equals symbols

- How to parts of the whole

- How to solve problems to find the whole

- How to write addition written equations

-  To explore the missing addends

- To find a missing part through partitioning.


Within subtraction we have been learning:

- The subtraction symbol

- How to interpret subtraction problems

- Understanding the difference between partitioning and aggregation

-  To understand augmentation

-  To understand reduction

- To know the relationship between the subtrahend and minuend.

- To understand augmentation missing number problems.

- To understand the inverse and solve problems

- To understand commutativity and solve problems.


Here are some examples of some learning within this experience:






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