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Seal Church Of England Primary School

Seal Church Of England Primary School

Bee-Bot Plot

In this short experience we are learning to programme Bee-Bots. Our phone has stopped working and so we could not contact Mrs Gadd. We decided we could send a message to her using the Bee-Bots. For this experience we will need to know about positional/directional language and how to use a Bee-Bot. 

First, we learnt about directional language.

Forward, backwards, left, right and turn. 

We then explored the Bee-Bots. We tried to see how far we could get the Bee-Bots towards Mrs Gadd's office. We had to collaborate and share our ideas in order to succeed. 

We used a critique stem (one of our thinking tools) to think about what went well and what we found tricky. We then discussed how we could show perseverance to overcome the barriers we faced. 

Eventually we were experts in programming the Bee-Bots, so we would use the Bee-Bot to deliver a message. We made it and showed lots of perseverance!


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