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Seal Church Of England Primary School

Seal Church Of England Primary School

Celebration Page

Well done Evie, for creating an excellent mind map. You have chosen the same skill as me to become an expert in. I look forward to seeing the delicious meals you create for your family

Well done Harley for creating your mind map and sending a photo of you doing it-it is great. Which language would you like to learn? 

Great to see your mind map Poppy-lovely presentation too, the photograph was a little unclear to read-what challenge are you going to do? 

Brilliant to see photos of how hard you are working Thomas-well done.

Well done Jamie-you have obviously worked hard today. I am really looking forward to seeing the new hockey skills you are going to learn. Great maths too. 

We are starting to get some great cough medicine posters, models and adverts coming. 

Keep up the super work everyone and keep sending it to me so I can upload it. 

Thanks a lot for your work Ella-Louise, I look forward to seeing what else you produce over the week. Well done. 

Well done Oliver for choosing  to do English as your aspirational skills-I'm sure you will do brilliantly at this. 

Tylor-Jay-I agree with your family, you have worked very hard on all your work today. Well done. 

Great work Kathleen-I can't wait to hear the new Spanish you have learned. 

Well done Sky on all the work you have done today. It's great. 

Jamie, I love the fact you have designed 'the only chocolate cough medicine in town.' I'd certainly buy it! Well done. 

There is such great work still coming in tonight-well done Jess, Tyler Y, Andreea and Daisy.


Daisy-I loved the video of you doing the Joe Wick's work out. 

Well done Jack-you have done a lot of work today, especially maths. 


Great work Brooke C, Tyler C and Kobi. 





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