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Seal Church Of England Primary School

Seal Church Of England Primary School

Celebration Page

Look at some of the brilliant work Woodpeckers have done today. 

Don't forget to send me what you have done. 


Well done Evie for sending photos of you completing Joe Wicks' workout today.

Fantastic ideas Harley about Samuel Pepy's diary and how useful it is as a historical resource. 

Well done Brooke C, great work on your maths. Keep up the brilliant work. 

Super work on the diary extracts Kathleen-well done. 

Fantastic writing Ollie-very well done. 

A brilliant diary Jamie, well done. 

Great writing Poppy-keep it up. 

Brilliant maths Evie-well done. 

Well done Brooke C for your Anne Frank work.


Fantastic to see Evie has started her first challenge-have a look at her photos below of the meal she cooked. It looks delicious. 


Wow Woodpeckers-what amazing work you are producing-have a look below. 

Jess-I love your diary extract and the presentation. 


Olivia and Ella-Louise, well done for presenting what you have learned about micro-organisms in a PowerPoint. They are great. 

Nice to see how hard you have been working Sienna. 


Thank you: Tyler Y, Tylor Jay, Daisy, Oscar P and Brooke C for sending your work last night. It looks great. Well done. 


Well done Sky for the three pieces of work you sent. 



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