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Seal Church Of England Primary School

Seal Church Of England Primary School

Celebration Page

Well done Evie for reflecting on your learning-see below. 

Great detailed research on micro-organisms, Sienna-well done. 

Brilliant to see how hard you are working Ollie and your great research on micro-organisms. 

Evie has become a maths 'millionaire' can you become one too? Good luck. 

Great to see you reflecting on your learning so far Harley-well done. 

Well done for your work Brooke C, Keep it up. 

What a brilliant PowerPoint on micro-organisms Jamie, well done. Fab I.T skills too. 


Fantastic news-Jamie has become a maths millionaire. Has anyone else (apart from Evie) managed this yet? If so, what would you spend your money/winnings on? 


Thank you for sending me your micro-organisms research scientist Poppy. 

Great to see all the work you have done so far Tyrone. I look forward to seeing your new football skills you are going to learn. 

What fantastic work I have been sent over the last hour from Woodpeckers. I have loved seeing the challenge 1 photos-have a look at each others below. 

Great to see you reading Thomas and working on your art. Keep it up. 

Ella-Louise has been working hard and also doing arts and crafts.

Jess has produced a detailed micro-organisms booklet that looks fab. 

Great to see you becoming more helpful Tyler Y. Well done. 

kathleen has been working hard on her Spanish. Well done. 

Well done to both Tylor-Jay and Andreea for their great micro-organism work. 

Have a look at the photos of Evie completing the second meal in her challenge to learn new cooking skills below. 

Thanks Sky for sending your great work today. 

Well done Brooke C for your great micro-organisms work below. 

A great PowerPoint Kobi on micro-orgnaism. 

Well done for your micro-organism work Tyler C. 

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