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Seal Church Of England Primary School

Seal Church Of England Primary School

Celebration Page

Well done Harley for your excellent Highwayman wanted poster. 

What a great highwayman poster from Evie-I loved how she has annotated her drawing. 

A great measures quiz from Harley-well done. Can you solve it? 

Well done Poppy for a great wanted poster. 

Have a look below at Thomas's brilliant wanted poster-super I.T skills too. Well done Thomas. 

Can you answer the questions in Evie's measure quiz? Well done Evie for asking thoughtful questions. 

What a wonderful wanted poster Jamie-I absolutely love your drawing of him. A great description too. Well done. 

Well done Sienna and Ollie for your great highwayman wanted posters, I especially liked your illustrations of the highwayman in both. Have a look below. 

Thanks for sending a photo of you baking brownies Sienna as part of your challenge. I hope they are delicious. A great photo. 

Great to see Evie's work with her reflecting on her challenge 1. 

Well done for completing your highwayman poster Kathleen. 

I'm really impressed with Kathleen's letter in Spanish. You are really building upon your new skills. Well done. 

Thank you for the great work Tyrone, I especially like the £10,000 reward for the highwayman. 

Detailed diary about your brownies, Sienna-well done. 

Tyler C-you are working really hard. 

Thanks for your wanted poster Ella-Louise. 

Well done Jamie for re-thinking your challenge 1 activity and doing a colourful mind map for it. 

Thanks Jamie for your maths quiz and also for supplying the answers of a separate page-well done. 

Look at the great work from Andreea and Eron-Shayne sent last night-well done to both of you. 

What a fantastic wanted poster Jess. I really like the presentation too. 

It is great to see that Jess is working on her badminton skills for her first challenge. Well done. 

Well done Tylor-Jay for your wanted poster of the highwayman and your maths quiz. 

A great wanted poster for the highwayman Tyler Y-well done. 

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