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Seal Church Of England Primary School

Seal Church Of England Primary School

Celebration Page

Well done to Sienna for showing the events from the narrative poem The Highwayman from one of the king's army men. I especially liked the description at the end and how he thought the king would be pleased with what he had done. Superb writing. 

What a great comic strip of The Highwayman, Harley, it was fun to read and you considered what the characters would say to each other-well done. 

Wow Evie, absolutely fantastic writing from one of King George's army men's perspective. I really liked how the army 'stayed as one', how she looked liked she was 'going to burst' and your last line 'our job was done.' 

A great maths poster Harley, showing how to convert units of measure-well done. 

Well done Jamie, for showing part of the poem The Highwayman as a comic. You picked an exciting part of the story to retell. 

A great poster Evie, showing how to convert units of measure. I really like how the poster is presented in a way which makes each section clear and how you ask them to have a try. Well done. 

Well done for your great comic strip of The Highwayman, Kathleen. I really like how you presented the story. 

Excellent writing from Poppy as one of King George's army in The Highwaymen. I loved the simile to show how they erupted. A great end to the perspective writing too. Have a look below. 

Well done for your great comic strip on The Highwayman, Thomas. Keep up the brilliant work. 

Great writing from another perspective Tyrone. I like how the man from King George's army laughed at Bess. A great maths poster too on measures- well done. 

Well done Poppy for explaining how to convert units of measure. 

An informative poster Sienna, on converting units of measure. I especially like how you have two flaps at the bottom. 

Thomas, I really like how your convering units of measure poster uses diagrams to make it easier to understand-well done. 

Great to see you are still working really hard Tylor-Jay, thank you for the three great pieces of work today. 

Thanks for sharing your reflection on your aspirational target Evie-it is great to see how you are doing with it. 

Look at some of Tyler Y's brilliant work below-I especially liked your writing from another perspective-well done Tyler. 

A brilliant comic strip Oscar P-well done, I especially liked your illustrations. 

A great comic strip Ollie-keep it up. Well done. 

Well done Caden for your Mathletics score. 

Wow-have a look at Evie's video on her first challenge making a pasta dish from scratch! Super work Evie-well done. I especially liked how she got feedback from her family and how professional the video looks. (link on the left)

Great work Andreea-well done. 

Well done Sky, for the excellent work you sent. I loved the drawing of the highwayman in your poster. 

Great work writing from another perspective Ella-Louise, based on the poem The Highwayman. 

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