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Seal Church Of England Primary School

Celebration Page

Thank you to those of you who have sent your mind maps for challenge 2. They look great. 

Well done Evie-a clear mind map, I liked how you included some illustrations too.

Harley, a colourful  mind map, well done.

Jamie, I really like how you have chosen different types of icing to explore in your mind map. Well done. 

I like how Kathleen has asked lots of questions in her mind map. Well done. 

Great to see Harley is considering her different ideas for challenge 2. 

What an interesting design for an Easter cake Poppy. I look forward to seeing how it looks when it is made. Well done. 

A brilliant mind map Sienna, well done. I especially liked how you considered and answered the questions asked and how you have presented your work. 

Thomas-what a great mind map, I especially like how you have included different sections on it. Well done. 

Well done Ollie for your detailed mind map for challenge 2. 

Evie, what a clever design for your Easter cake. I'm looki n forward to seeing how this turns out. Well done. 

Well done Poppy for an impressive 12/12 on your interactive maths quiz-reading scales.

Thanks for sharing your ideas for challenge 2, Tylor-Jay. I heard you did a lot of research into different types of cakes online. Well done.  

Thank you for your mind map for challenge 2, Ella-Louise. 

Well done Tyler Y for creating your mind map for challenge 2.

Great to see you considering different designs for your Easter cake Jamie, great to see you annotating them too. I really like how you explained why you had chosen the design you selected. Well done. 

Well done Sky, for showing what you need to consider when designing and creating a cake. 

Fantastic work Jess on your ideas for your Easter cake, including your mind map for challenge 2. Well done.

I love how Jess's dog has joined her for the daily exercise session. 


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