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Seal Church Of England Primary School

Seal Church Of England Primary School

Celebration Page

Well done Evie, for your final cake design. I really like how you are going to use green icing to represent the grass. 

Great research on the importance of Easter, Evie-well done. 

A great final cake design Kathleen-well done. I like the chick on top! 

An interesting final design Sienna and detailed mind map-well done. I really liked how you considered taste as an important factor. 

Well done Harley for an interesting design for your Easter cake, I like hoe the chick is actually coming out of your cake. Great research too. 

Well done Thomas for your cake design. 

Super work making your cake Ollie-I love all the photos. Well done. 

Sienna, you have done some fantastic work on learning sign language as part of your challenge 1-you have learnt a lot already- well done. 

Well done Jess for your brilliant work today. I especially liked how you have presented your Easter facts from the research you have done. Great to see you continuing with your challenge 1 skills of learning badminton too. 

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