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Seal Church Of England Primary School

Seal Church Of England Primary School

Celebration Page

Well done Ollie for making your Easter cake-it looks brilliant. I especially like the writing in icing on the top with the message Happy Easter. Take a look at the photos from Oliie below. 

As part of challenge 1-to be an expert in something, Evie decided she wanted to improve her cooking skills. She has made some fabulous dishes so far, yesterday she made banana bread-have a look a the photo below. 

Have a look at Sky's detailed recipe below-excellent presentation Sky-well done. 

Brilliant photos of you cooking Thomas, I really liked the one of you weighing your ingredients accurately. Well done. 

A detailed evaluation Evie, well done. I really liked how you included three questions to consider in your evaluation. 

Well done for your advert for your cake Harley, I like how you considered the target audience and also your slogan. 

A superb Easter cake, Thomas, you should be so proud of yourself. I really liked your evaluation too, especially the skills you have learnt on challenge 2. 

A great advert for your cake, Ollie-well done, I especially liked the slogan about the surprise inside. 

What a great looking Easter cake, Tylor-Jay, thank you for the photos of you making it and the final product, it looks great. Well done. 

Thank you Kathleen for sending a photo of your Easter cake and your evaluative comment, I liked how reflective you were in it. 

Your cake looks amazing Evie, well done. 

Great work Tyrone-well done.

Thank you for your work Eron-Shayne-well done. 

What an impressive looking cake Jess, I especially like how you have decorated it. Well done for your detailed evaluation too. 

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