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Seal Church Of England Primary School

Seal Church Of England Primary School

Celebration page

I really like the superb illustrations and layout in June's mind map. Have a look in the attachments below. 


I really like how Chelsea has used her IT skills to create her mind map. Have a look on the attachments below. 


There has been some great coding using Scratch, have a look at Daniyal's extension task from lesson 1 in the attachment below. I really like how the beetle says 'ouch' if he touches the sides. 


I really liked Chelsea's letter from Captain Scott because it is emotive and also provided a detailed account of what happend.Have a read in the attachments.


Well done Leila, for combining facts and emotive language in your letter. Have a read below.

Dear beloved family,

                                     We may be separated by many miles, and by what it seems all the cold emptiness, but my aching heart rests with you for eternity. The frozen wind beats against me, counting my last heartbeats, sapping my will to live, draining my energy to carry on. Every day, I face the whipping currents of the wind, and the thick snow that seeps into my feet every time I step forward. It pains me to move. But I chant to myself to carry on. Even writing is a struggle, as my hands lay limp at my side, bright blue. Anyways, I haven’t enough strength to write much, so I will run through the details of my adventure.

The string of misfortune started when the overloaded ship, Terra Nova sunk beneath the harsh Antarctic waves, which cut fiercely through the snowy bay. We had to wade through swirling currents, and drag supplies of dry biscuits and strips of cold meat after us. Dog after dog sunk beneath the angry sea, howling before a strong wave caused their demise. Our supplies were damp and wet, so we headed towards the long coast of frozen ice, where we constructed the first camp.

The nights were long and freezing, and the cold days slipped by, when finally the crew and I arrived at a desolate camp. My first thought was that there was the supplies here, but a proud Norwegian flag fluttered gracefully in the air. My heart sunk. Someone else had beaten us to it. Trudging back to camp dejectedly, the five of us who had survived huddled together, and discussed a plan. It was only eleven miles to the supply camp, so we decided to head there. 

The next day, the remaining survivors discovered a blue body, glued together in the cold. Already two more men had met their frozen demise, and there were three of us left. Dragging myself across the blanketed layer of ice and snow, every moment thinking the next step would be my last, my last breath, but I soldiered on. Even if we were beaten, I hope I would be remembered for my strain to carry on, and for others to finish the journey I never did, and that my attempt would not be in vain.

Love from,



There have been some superb two day projects this week. Have a look at Daniyal and Kayden's fantastic project below. I love the details, the 3D objects and superb drawings. It really makes you think. 


Look at Chelsea's brilliant 'Save our Oceans' poster in the attachments below. I like for it is divided into different sections nad is eye-catching for the audience. 


In Ollie M's ocean poster I love his slogan 'The Power is on our hands' and the powerful image that goes with it. Have a look in the attachments below. 


In Brooke and Maisie's posters, I really like how they have included rubbish on their posters as well as facts. Have a look in the attachments below. 


What a superb poster by Will-it really makes you think about the damaged being done- a strong message. Have a look at this powerful image below. 

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