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Seal Church Of England Primary School

Seal Church Of England Primary School

Celebration page

Well done Maisie for your deliberate use of repetition with 'closer and closer' in your perspective writing, you have also used adventurous vocabulary choices such as 'eagerly.' 

George S-I really liked how the character (the lighthouse keeper) in your perspective writing learnt a valuable lesson at the end about not making assumptions about others and how people should be judged on their actions instead. 

Well done Ashton for writing from the lighthouse keeper's perspective. I really liked how you used the words 'rushing towards danger...'

June-the content of your work is great-I especially liked your use of 'giant sound of laughter' and also 'staggered for a moment.' Well done. 

I liked the presentation in June's reflective page-have a look below. 

I'm impressed with the dishes Finley is making as part of challenge 1, tonight is spaghetti bolognese-have a look at his reflective journal.  

Well done Nadia for your perspective writing, I especially liked your use of a rhetorical question and your use of 'desperately trying to see what went wrong...'

Leila, you had some great vocabulary choices in your writing, such as ear-piercing grinding noise' and 'dangerously near'-well done. 

Look at the photo of Daniyal working on his skills for challenge 1 below. 

Well done Will B for your perspective writing-great use of vocabulary choices such as 'enormous', 'staggered' and 'stumbled, great use of a rhetorical question too. '


Friday 17th March

Wow Ollie M, what a superb newspaper article. I especially liked the layout and presentation. great use of the 6 w's and two detailed quotes too. 

A great newspaper article Nadia, I especially liked the detailed quote. 

Well done Leila for your newspaper article, I liked the headline, the use of the word 'unintentionally' and how at the end it mentioned the lighthouse keeper gpt to keep his job. 

Well done Daniyal for your newspaper article-I liked the use of 'great danger' and 'disastrous deed' and also your quote. 

A great newspaper article Chelsea-I liked how Mr Carter and I appeared in it!

Well done June, for your detailed and interesting newspaper article. I liked the quote from Mrs Butler and your presentation. 

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