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Seal Church Of England Primary School

Seal Church Of England Primary School

Celebration page

I really like the detail Leila and Nadia have included in their notes on plants. I like how they have organised their notes with headings for each video and how they have also included prior knowledge too. 

What brilliant illustrations in June's mind map for challenge 6-well done. 

Well done to Aailiyah for her detailed account of the events from Jack's perspective. I really liked the simile she used to show how hungry he was with his stomach 'growling like a bear.' 

I really like the colourful mind map from Ryan, he has clearly considered his presentation and layout. 

Have a look at the photos of Daniyal planting his seeds. 

A superb persuasive letter from Will writing as the ogre's wife, I loved how it is full of emotive language throughout, such as invaded', 'fell to his death' and 'lost my darling husband'. Well done.

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