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Seal Church Of England Primary School

Seal Church Of England Primary School


Our Learning Experiences

At Seal, we offer a rich and varied curriculum based entirely around our Christian values. The children are immersed into 'learning experiences' which allow them to access real-life and relevant learning. 

Here at Seal CE Primary School teachers create learning experiences for the children based on the aims and objectives set out in the National Curriculum. 

Please see the class pages to see what each class has been learning about.

At Seal CE Primary, learning is something we all do. We work together to create new ideas, building our knowledge and understanding.

We have a real passion for learning and aspire to be the best we can be. This can be seen through the challenges we set ourselves and others, and our absolute grit and determination to achieve our goals.

In every lesson we know what we are learning and why. There is always a purpose for our learning which helps us understand how we can use the skills we are taught in real life.

We know where, when and how we learn best and maximise every learning opportunity to help us achieve the very best results.

As independent learners we take ownership of our education by reflecting on what we have done well and where we could achieve better. We are actively involved in making creative choices relating to our learning, and can revise and edit our work in light of our reflection.

We do not put a lid on success. Our achievement is limitless!

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