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Seal Church Of England Primary School

Seal Church Of England Primary School


    Perseverance Independence Aspiration Community 

                              Compassion Respect


At Seal , we offer a rich and varied curriculum based entirely around our Christian values. The children are immersed into 'learning experiences' which allow them to access real-life and relevant learning. 


Creative Explorers

Our learners will: 

  • Be empowered to explore and discover new things for themselves.

  • Generate questions which they will want to investigate and test and be driven to find answers.

  • Have high levels of aspiration and celebrate new thinking and ideas.

  • Make their own choices about which ideas are best and which need to be improved and know why; they will justify their thinking.

  • Produce original outcomes of high quality. They will take on and use other people’s ideas and suggestions and take them further in order to make improvements on their previous best.

  • Express opinions and suggestions confidently


Collaborative Sharers

Our learners will:

  • Support each other to learn by asking questions, giving advice, planning alternatives and sharing tasks.

  • Work together, take on different roles and responsibilities.

  • Listen and shape thoughts and co-operate to produce joint outcomes.

  •  Show a desire to help others

  • Recognise how they make each other feel and give advice constructively in a compassionate way.

  • Challenge each others thinking and be prepared to have their thinking challenged in order to achieve better outcomes.

  • Have the confidence to seek help and see this as a strength and not a weakness.


Spiritual and Respectful Reflectors

Our learners will:

· Think about what has happened in their learning and share insights about their feelings and emotions.

· Be positively influenced by others and the world around them.

· Be inspired by others and recognise their own uniqueness.

· Be guided by their own morals and beliefs and respect  those of others.

· Ask questions about themselves and their talents and skills.

· Not let any artificial barriers get in the way of learning, but rather develop a positive can do attitude where they recognise that progress and outcomes reflects efforts.

· Support each other with different ideas, suggestions and help one another to see improvements.


Independent Thinkers

Our learners will:

· Set their own high expectations and know what they are working towards.

· Want to be the best they can be and strive to promote work that is better than their previous best.

· Believe they can achieve.

· Develop a sense of self worth through improved outcomes.

· Not give up, but instead take more control of their learning to achieve high standards.

· Be able to use previous learning to overcome difficulties. They will think through what is expected of them and make informed choices about how best to learn.

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