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Seal Church Of England Primary School

Seal Church Of England Primary School

Dear Earth

This experience is all about helping to save the planet and educate others on the impact humans are having on climate change. In this experience we are focusing on food chains and how our actions are impacting these negatively. Our outcome is to present an assembly to the school to help them to think about how they can help. 

Dear Earth: Otter, Isabel, Anganuzzi, Clara: 9781848579415:  Books

First we learnt about food chains. We went to feed the pigs on the farm to think about a food chain we are part of. 

Next, we learnt about where our food comes from. We learnt that food is reared, grown or caught. 

We were very lucky because Mrs Khnana came to teach us about how bread is made from wheat. She took us through the whole process and at the end we could eat our yummy bread. 

During this experience we also learnt about expanded noun phrases, so that we could use these in our letters to share in Assembly. 


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