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Seal Church Of England Primary School

Seal Church Of England Primary School

Developing a Democracy

Our second experience of the year was all about the Ancient Greeks and democracy! We learnt all about what democracy was like for the Greeks and compared this to democracy we have in the UK as well as democracy at Seal Primary. Have a look at our display showing some of our fantastic work!

For our hook, we had a REALLY unfair scenario where half the year had to do a test whilst the rest of the children got to watch a film and have snacks! This made some children really angry however it led to a fantastic discussion about our rights and how we need things to be fair at school so everyone is experiencing the same things and getting the same opportunities! We decided in the end that it was only fair to switch around and complete the test or watch the film and make sure everyone had done the same thing. This hook got the children really excited for the experience and talking about changes we need to make at school to improve our democracy!

Using this passion for change, we developed a speech to try and persuade Mrs Butler and Mrs Mitchell to make changes to democracy and pupil voice at Seal Primary! See a few examples of our speeches attached below.

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