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Seal Church Of England Primary School

Dragonflies' alternative endings to Oliver Jeffers' book "The Way Back Home

Everyone has worked so hard on their alternative endings to the story "A way back home!

The story starts...

Once there was a boy, and one day, as he was putting his things back in the cupboard, he found an aeroplane. He didn’t remember leaving it there but he thought he’d better take it out for a go right away.
The plane lifted off the ground and up into the sky, higher and higher and higher. Suddenly the plane spluttered…it had run out of petrol. Now the boy was stuck on the moon. What was he to do? He was all alone and afraid and soon his torch began to go out.
Up in space someone else was in trouble too. His engine had broken down…and steering the ship towards a flicker of light, he landed on the moon with a bump.


Now read Dragonflies' alternative endings! Which one is your favourite?



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