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Seal Church Of England Primary School

Seal Church Of England Primary School

FLO (Family Liaison Officer)

We are very lucky to be able to provide additional support to our children and families using our Family Liaison Officer, Mrs. Denise Gadd.

Her role is to liaise between parents and the school and to be a point of contact and support for parents and children if they have any concerns, issues, worries or feedback they wish to raise or discuss.

Our FLO has many links with specialist organisations and support services. All enquiries will be dealt with in strict confidence.

Please feel free to contact Denise Gadd via the school office on 01732 762388 or mobile 07914 359261. You can also email

What is a FLO?

FLO stands for Family Liaison Officer. Each FLO is based within a school and is part of the multi-agency team that provides support to the parents and carers of the children from that school. They cover a range of topics that include:

  • Transition between schools
  • Challenging behaviour and additional needs
  • Understanding the curriculum and how parents can get involved at home
  • Attendance: tips on getting y our child to school and on time
  • Information on after school clubs
  • Building family relationships
  • Information on other services and how to make use of them
  • Identifying and addressing other needs and much, much more…

How do they do it?

FLOs are always looking for ways in which to build good relationships with parents and carers. This may include coffee mornings, parent support groups, or just being available to talk when needed, should you feel confused, worried or anxious.

It is always essential that the FLO keeps flexibility within the role. This will ensure that a response can be made in times of crisis for the children and families in our schools.

Why have a FLO?

  • To empower parents to take an active role in their child’s social, emotional and educational development.
  • Support parents regarding a range of issues that are impacting on their ability to parent effectively.
  • Provide a range of activities for parents that encourage them to be safe, healthy, enjoy and achieve economic well-being.
  • To provide accessible information, explanation, guidance and signposting.

FLOs offer early intervention that can make a real difference to the lives of parents and therefore of children and young people whatever the background.

How I want to progress my role further

  • To support and help make a smooth transition for both parents/carers and children from pre-school to reception and from Primary to Secondary School. This will also include children and families moving up through KS1 to years 1 and 2
  • To visit pre-schools and mother and toddler groups, to showcase our wonderful school and all it has to offer
  • To be a familiar and friendly face, providing a point of contact for these services
  • To encourage new parents in to our school
  • To find ways of getting our local community involved and more supportive of our school
  • I have worked at Seal for ten years, as a Teaching Assistant.I have been working one-to-one with children supporting their social and emotional wellbeing, behaviour and special educational needs. Therefore, I feel that I can help parents/carers in these areas by sharing my knowledge and understanding
  • To improve relations with the PTA and become more involved and supportive of them. They work very hard and do a wonderful job for our school
  • To provide coffee mornings and afternoons for parents/carers to come and meet each other.There will also be themed sessions, specifically aimed at a certain things ie. Secondary transition, improving your parenting skills etc
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