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Seal Church Of England Primary School

Seal Church Of England Primary School

Farm learning - Chickens

In Year 1 we learn about chickens. Having visited the chickens on our farm, we decided that the chickens would enjoy some new challenges in their enclosures. Therefore, we are learning all about chickens, including what they can and cannot eat, what they enjoy for enrichment and about what our chickens enjoy doing most. We will also learn about everyday materials. We will use this learning to plan an exciting and safe obstacle course for the chickens. The children will plan their courses and then pitch these to Mr Kilby and Mr Jones to build. We will help with the building of the course. 

The day a chicken came to visit our classroom!

Our chicks have arrived!! 

We are so excited to have 3 very cute chicks in Hedgehogs. We are going to take care of the chicks, until they are old enough to go onto our school farm. 

We had a class vote to make sure naming the chicks was fair. They are called:

Brownie, Midnight and Stardust


Getting to know our chicks


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