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Seal Church Of England Primary School

Seal Church Of England Primary School

Friday 12th February




Morning message

"Morning everyone! You did it - it's the last day of term! I hope you enjoy the learning for today and I can't wait to see you all at 2.30pm for a toast time party! Below is a special video in celebration of all the hard work you have done this term - we are all very proud of you!"




10 minutes +

Sensory Circuit or physical activity of your choice

10 minutes + Times tables

15 minutes


Complete the RWI or guided reading session that you have been allocated. Please contact me if you are unsure or would like to discuss reading.

30 minutes +

Literacy – Ocean poetry book

TASK: To write up your final copy of your ocean pollution poem

LO: To understand how to edit and present your final piece of work so it is the best it can be

Please watch the following video and pause when asked to and do the activities.



30 minutes +

Numeracy – Measuring

TASK: To watch Mrs Palmers video to draw a family of dormice using your measuring skills!

LO: to know how to draw to scale accurately



5 minutes +

Wellbeing - a fun kindness challenge for Half-term

Attachment with calendar and ideas attached below



At 2.30 pm

30 minutes 

Toast Time Zoom - party themed!

Don't forget your decorations and cake!



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