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Seal Church Of England Primary School

Seal Church Of England Primary School

Friday 12th February 2021


Good morning everyone.

Please find today's learning attached below. Once you have completed your daily activities you will need to photograph your work and email it to me. My email address is:

Today's Activities:

9:00-9:30 Exercise and Wellbeing

Please choose one or more of the following links:

Joe Wicks workout – on this page there are a series of short workouts for children. Choose one or more workouts.

Cosmic yoga 







Fun Exercise



9:30-10:00 Guided Reading

Each day, as well as including the text for you to read, I am also including the audio recording of the chapter. You should only use this is you feel you need support to develop your understanding of the text and/or to support you with your reading.


Show (applying)

LO: To show my understanding of a character

SC1. I can consider different character features.

SC2. I can make detailed notes about  a character

SC3. I can justify my ideas when choosing a favourite character.

You have now completed the book “A Bad Beginning”. Instead of starting a new one straight away I would like you to think about the book you have just read and the characters in the book.

1) For today’s task I would like you to write character profiles for each of the main characters. You will need to use your knowledge of the characters to help you build their profiles.

2) Once you have completed this task, I would like you to answer the following question:


“Which character was your favourite and why?”


When answering the question, you must explain your reasons for choosing your character. You should write a minimum of one paragraph on this subject.


To help you with today's task I have attached some word mats to the class page.


10:00-10:15 Weekly Spelling Rule

Each week we are going to focus on a new spelling rule. To help you learn this new rule I would like oyu to login to SpellingFrame daily and try some of the free activities, which are linked the spelling rule you are learning. To access the spelling rule you will simply need to:

1) Click on this link to take you straight to the web page - SpellingFrame

2) Click on Year 5 and 6

3) Choose the rule you are focussing on e.g. Spelling Rule 41

4) Click Play to access some activities - Pease note that not all the activities are free. Some require a subscription.

5) You can also click on view words and print words to see the words you will be focussing on for that week.

6) Click on "segment cards" to allow you to practice the words and spelling rule.

7) There is also one free game you can play to help you learn the spellings.

8) On a Friday, click on test and record your results.


This week I would like you to practice:

Spelling Rule 41 – Words ending in – able and ible   &   Words ending in – ably and ibly


Please note that if you find these spellings difficult then you may look at a different year groups spelling rules and try one of those as part of your weekly spelling task. 


10:15-11:00 Maths

L.O. To demonstrate my understanding of written formal methods
SC1: I can identify the operation
SC2: I can use the appropriate written method
SC3: I can present my work neatly
SC4: I can answer the questions

Today is a bit of a Challenge Day. You have a range of questions that cover addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. Many of them also include the opportunity to give reasoning to justify your answer.

Choose the PowerPoint that is appropriate for you: Mild, Spicy or Hot

At the end there are some links to maths games that might want to play.

Mark your work using the appropriate Answer PowerPoint.

Watch this tutorial to help you recognise the operation you will need.




11:00-11:15 Break


11:15-12:30 English

Show (applying)

LO: To apply my knowledge when writing a newspaper article

SC1. I can use the Five W’s in my introduction.

SC2. I can use facts in my writing.

SC3. I can use quotes to support my article.

SC4. I can use formal language in my writing.


Today, you will finish off your newspaper report. Your focus will be on:


Finishing/Editing your main body

Tail/Final paragraph – your final statements and what is happening next

Pictures/Photos of the characters and the events

Captions to support the pictures/photos


Once you have completed your article you can send the FULL article to me.

To help you with todays lesson I have created a video:



There are word mats attached to the class page.


12:30-1:30 Lunch


1:30-1.45 Effective Communication

Miss Coleman set a two-week activity. Please continue with this activity. 

Resource: Effective Communication week 4


1.45-2.00 TTRockstars and/or Mathletics

Test your timetable skills each day:

Times Tables Rock Stars (

Test your maths skills each day:

Mathletics Sign In


2.05-2.35 Zoom


2.35-3.15 Art/Music

Sunday is Valentine's Day so our activity this afternoon is going to be linked with that.

Start with following this link for a little video and quiz:
Newsround - Valentine's Day

Activity 1: To create an origami heart. Watch the tutorial video below to follow the steps. You will need a square of paper (15cmx15cm is recommended). If you don't have coloured paper you can decorate it with pens/pencils later!



Activity 2: Create an image that represents the one thing/many things that you love most in the world. It can include anything that is important to you. You can keep it private or you can share it with the world (or your teacher!).

I have included an example below to give you an idea:

3:15-3:30 Story Time

Enjoy the story “The haunting of Aveline Jones”, read to you by your class teacher.




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