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Seal Church Of England Primary School

Seal Church Of England Primary School

Friday 15th May

Friday 15th May




Joe Wicks virtual PE – bodycoachtv on

9:30 – 9:50

Guided Reading

LO: To apply skills learnt

SC1 I can make up my own retrieval question

SC2 I can make up my own inference question

SC3 I can make up my own ‘find and copy’ question


In today’s guided reading, I thought I’d let you be the teacher! I’ve attached the pages for you to read, and I would like you to make up 4 guided reading questions of your own… send them to me and I’ll answer them! Try to use a variety of the skills we have learnt and apply these. Don’t just do retrieval questions! Good luck!




LO: To consider what in life is important to me

SC1: I can think about which possessions are important to me

SC2: I can consider what it would meant to leave things behind

SC3: I can interpret a Bible story.


This morning we will continue to consider the big question ‘What sort of a world did Jesus want?’ There are two links below. The first one is the starter activity, which you must complete first. Then watch the second link which is the bible story.



  (watch this first and complete task 1)



(Bible story)


Then consider Jesus’ statement ‘To fish for people’ and write down what this means to you.



Break time/snack time

11:00 – 11:30


Make sure you complete 2 studio sessions and 2 sound checks before going on the garage. Feel free to challenge me!

11:30 – 12:15

LO: To be able to multiply 2 numbers together
SC1: I can understand how to set out my sum
SC2: I can identify when to regroup
SC3: I can use the pictorial method

Today I am going to show the two methods we use for formal written methods when multiplying. If you do struggle on this then you are encouraged to use the pictorial method from yesterday. 

I have uploaded video examples of the two methods that you can use. We will be doing a couple of days on this to make sure we are really secure. 



There are chilli challenges at the bottom, good luck. 

12:15- 1:15


1:15 - 2:00

LO: To be able to grow my own food
SC1: I can use my knowledge of plants
SC2: I can compare different areas to grow my plant
SC3: I can care for my plant


For this session of the afternoon, we are going to be identifying and choosing a place to plant our food. 

As we know from this week it takes many aspects for plants to survive. They need to be somewhere where they get light from the sun to create their own food. As well as good soil from which they get all the nutrients they need. 

We do have a problem where people may not have seeds. However, this is not a large one. As we can grow food from scraps of food we already have. I have found a website which tells you exactly what to do (as I am not green fingered).

Here are my efforts. I chose to try and regrow celery. I am going to put them in some water until a shoot appears and then plant then it in my garden. 

2:00- 2:30

Exercise – e.g. mindfulness yoga, fresh air in the garden, run up and down the stairs seeing if you can get faster every time!


We are continuing on with our class reader in the afternoons. However, this week Mr Cook is going to be reading you the story. I have attached the pdf of the book as well as the link to hear Mr Forster read. 



After, I would like you to spend time reading your own book. Do it in your bedroom, in the garden or even in the kitchen sink. So long as you are reading. 


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