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Seal Church Of England Primary School

Seal Church Of England Primary School

Friday 26th February 2021

Friday 26th February 2021




8:30- 9:00


Daily Class Teams meeting

9:00- 9:25


Wellbeing from Mrs Brocker

Have a look at the video she has done for you. 



There are documents to go with it labelled Wellbeing 1 and Wellbeing 2 at the bottom of the page.

9:25 – 9:40



Make sure you complete 2 studio sessions and 2 sound checks before going on the garage. Feel free to challenge me!



Guided Reading

There are 2 options for guided reading, you can continue with the book and the questions that I will post below or I have found some books to read if you find this too hard. Have a look through, if you would like help with a level or a book to read a day then please email me and I will help.

LO: To be able to retrieve information from a text. 

SC1: I can recognise key information within the text.

SC2: I can retrieve information with relevance. 

SC3: I can reference key information within the text.

Guided reading is before English today as the section of text you’ll read will feed into your English work. There is also more text than normal so please do not worry if you do not get time to answer all of the questions, just do your best. 





Watch the video of me reading the text.


Create a diagram to show the scene of Lila in Lalchand’s workshop as a young child. Use information from the text to inform and label your diagram.

Read today’s text.


Answer the following questions. 


1.     What were the two firework Lila invented?

2.     Why did Lalchand regret not send Lila to live with his sister?

3.     Describe Lila’s appearance during the latter part of the text.

Read today’s text.

Answer the following questions. Use evidence from the text in each response. 


1.    Identify and explain the fireworks Lila invented.

2.    Why did Lalchand regret not sending Lila to love with his sister?

3.    Describe Lila’s appearance during the latter part of this text.







LO: TO be able to identify how to engage a reader through plot(KNOW- Identify)

SC1: I can chose an engaging plot.

SC2: I can build a plot based on events which have already happened within the story.

SC3: I can identify and use different stages of a story.



Task 1- Define plot. 

Task 2- Record the introduction of the story on the planning grid. All of this information will come from the text you read in guided reading. This task is differentiated. 

Supporting resources (2)-

26.02.2021 English Planning grid

26.02.2021 English Planning grid support

Task 3 (Main task)- Planning using the planning grid. I’ve included slides to help you with every element of your plan.

Supporting resource- 26.02.2021 English Vocabulary mats

Reflection- Think back to your favourite story. Does your plan contain the elements needed to grip you as a reader? 

Extension- Applying knowledge of inference to your writing. What can you tell the reader without actually telling them?

Support- If you’re finding this lesson challenging, watch the video below where we’ll complete the plan in a ‘group-write’ style. It’s important that you develop and build on my ideas to create your own version of the plan. 




11:25-  11:45

Break/ snack time

11:45 – 12:45



LO: To be able to know the difference between parallel and perpendicular
SC1: I can identify what parallel means
SC2: I can identify what perpendicular means
SC3: I can understand how these lines make shapes. 

For this lesson we are going to be looking in more detail at shapes, and in particular we are going to be looking at the lines that make up the shapes. We have been looking at the angles between lines and now the lines themselves. 

I have attached the chilli challenges at the bottom of the page.

Have a look at the video to introduce you to the task for today. 



If you would like a little more help and a step by step guide then please look at this video to help you.



Things to remember

  • Parallel lines are lines that will never meet. 
  • Perpendicular lines are lines that when they meet they create a right angle
  • Horizontal are lines that go left to right

  • Vertical lines are lines that go top to bottom

12:45- 1:45


1:45 - 2:30


Please have a look at the challenge video for this week. 



If you would like to have a go at the challenges for this week, please find the document and the video attached on tab for this week on the class page. 

2:30- 3:00


Lets change up the day for today and do some Art. 

We will continue with Drawing with Rob and illustrator. I quite like this video below. 



However, I have attached his website, so you could have a look and see which one you would like to do yourself.

3:00 - 3:15

Class Reader





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