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Seal Church Of England Primary School

Seal Church Of England Primary School

Friday 29th

Timetable Friday 29th January



9:00 – 9:30

Exercise – Joe Wicks is back! Follow the link to his YouTube channel and take part in the video 9:00 – 9:30:




Go outside for some fresh air. You could play outside, go for a walk or hop on a scooter / bike



9:30 – 10:20

Guided Reading – See attachment below. Read the story and answer questions on the text.


LO: To retrieve and use information from a text


SC1) I can discuss different parts of the text

SC2) I can look up definitions of unfamiliar words

SC3) I can answer questions based on retrieval










Read Write Inc:

Please watch videos by following the links below. After you have watched the videos, follow the instructions afterwards to find a book suitable to your level.


Set 1: (g) 

Set 2: (ar) 

Set 3: (ie)


Oxford Owl have made available the e-books relevant to your RWI level. You will need to create a login first so please visit:

Once you have confirmed your login on your email it will direct you to a page that says “Find a book” Please click on that and then follow the instructions below.

Click on e-books and find your relevant book colour to read. (the colour of your home reading books) Please read the same book 3 times.

1st day – read to decode the words and make sure you can read every word in the book.

2nd day – read the book again and try to read with fluency and expression.

3rd day – read the book again and answer the comprehension questions at the end.





Maths: Multiplication Pictorial:


LO: To understand how to use arrays when multiplying 1-digit and 2-digit numbers (pictorial)

SC1) I can explain the layout of an array

SC2) I can list the steps when creating an array

SC3) I can answer questions pictorially


Today we will be moving on to solving problems pictorially using our arrays. Watch the video below:






Task: Complete the questions attached drawing your arrays pictorially.


A little easier: Use your multiplication squares to help you with the times tables after completing the array.





11:40 -11:55

Effective communication




Please also find a PowerPoint below called 'persuasion'.

11:55 -12:55


12:55 – 1:25

Class Zoom



LO- To know the features of a sonnet.

SC1: I can state what a sonnet is.

SC2: I can list the features of a sonnet.

SC3: I can begin to use some of these features.


Today we are looking at the features of a sonnet, please see the following video which explains the tasks.




Task 1: Stop video at 5:10 and write the features just discussed within the video.


Task 2: Stop the video at 9:50 and listen to the choice of activities to complete.


Mild: Identify rhyme scheme and finish the sonnet by writing the last two rhyming lines.


Hot: Choose something that makes you happy, write two stanzas (4 lines in each) using the correct rhyme scheme.


Even better if challenge: You finish the sonnet.



LO: To understand folding techniques.

SC1: I can state what folding is.

SC2: I can fold for a textured effect.


Today we are looking at folding for textured 3D effects. Please watch the following video which explains the two types of folding that you can do.




Main activity: Use folding of paper to make part of a 3D animal (see image below called ‘folding to make animals’)


Use folding to create a spring for objects (see image below called ‘folding to make springs’)


Story Time – if you wish to read along to the story please open the attachment below.








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