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Seal Church Of England Primary School

Seal Church Of England Primary School

Friday 29th January




A quick morning video message!



10 minutes +

Sensory Circuit or physical activity of your choice

15 minutes


60 minutes

Numeracy/RSPB Big Bird Watch

It’s the day of the RSPB Big Bird Watch!

You decide when to take an hour to record the birds that you can see outside. You are collecting data – information about the types and numbers of birds in our local area. Please keep your notes of the birds you see and how many of each as we will be using your data to make bar charts next week.

15 minutes

Times Tables

30 – 60 minutes

Literacy – Our own Nurture book! 

TASK: To draw and label pictures for one of the story plots we have come up with. Include some of the other story characters in your picture.

LO: To be able to record my ideas for a story

Please watch the video of me reading the next part of the story containing the children’s character descriptions. I explain the task at the end of the video clip. You could draw a labelled picture of one of the following:

A school football match

Learning in the classroom

An outdoors talent competition – telling jokes, dancing etc...

Bring your pet to school day

Animals/the chickens escaping from the farm and found    nesting in strange places all over the farm



15 minutes


Please choose one of the wellbeing activities on the main Nurture page. The most recent video will be at the top – an energising work out!

30 minutes

CBBC programmes

These can be watched on the tv at the stated times or at any time on BBC iPlayer

11.05 – Art Ninja

11.35 – Operation Ouch

15 minutes

Effective Communication




10 minutes +

Mini indoor challenge – Indoor Croquet

Make your own indoor croquet course using toilet paper rolls or pieces of card or paper. You could even write tasks on each “tunnel” that need to be completed once your ball makes it through like “do 15 jumping jacks as fast as you can” 

10 minutes +

Mini outdoor challenge –  Penny Hike!

Go for a walk in your local area using a penny to decide which way you will go! Every time you come to a junction flip a coin. Turn right if it lands on heads and turn left if it lands on tails! Finish this after an agreed amount of time then work out the quickest route home! I’d love to hear how it goes and if you are sent down any dead ends or end up going round in circles!


Zoom call!

Let’s catch up with our friends, celebrate our achievements and have some fun!


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