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Seal Church Of England Primary School

Seal Church Of England Primary School

Get set for Tokyo

As I am sure you're aware, the Olympics is taking place in 21 weeks in Tokyo. Schools around the Sevenoaks area have been set a challenge to see which school can be the first school to "travel" to Tokyo, through an accumulative total of miles over the next 20 weeks. Children in the school can walk, run or cycle for their distance to count towards the school's total.

From Sevenoaks, Tokyo is 5,938 miles away which means our school would need to walk an average of 270 miles a week. By going out for some simple exercise each day, I am sure we will be able to reach Tokyo! 

Please record how far your child travels each week and send me an email (found below) detailing how far they have gone by Sunday evening. I will keep a running total of school miles. There is a poster below for your reference of the school challenge.

My email address is

Have fun and good luck!

Mr Stevens 


Week 1 results:

This week, we have walked, cycled or run 344.4 miles. This is the equivalent of travelling from Sevenoaks to Luxembourg. Keep up the great work and keep on sending me your miles!


Week 2 results:

This week, we add another 136 miles to our total! This moves us from Luxembourg to just past Metz. Keep up the great work!


Week 3 results:

106 more miles added to our tally! This moves us on from Metz, heading towards Stuttgart! 


Easter results:

Over this week and Easter, we have managed to add another 289 miles to our total. This takes us from Stuttgart to Prague with a total of 927 miles overall. Keep up the great work!


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