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Seal Church Of England Primary School

Seal Church Of England Primary School

Girls Football Tournament 7/11/19

The Girls had a fantastic time at the football tournament held at Knole Academy. The tournament consisted of two round robins with 5 teams in each. The girls came second in their round robin to play the school second in the other tournament. Seal Primary played brilliantly with Poppy scoring the winner.

Throughout the tournament the children worked very well as a team. Harley was a solid midfield player who helped string plays together, helping both the strikers and the defence out when needed. Aailiyah and Maisie were our defender for the evening and made it their goal to chase down every ball that was thrown at them - great work! Evie was our top goal scorer, scoring 3 goals altogether.

What an enjoyable evening of football, the girls played brilliantly and a well deserved 3rd place overall. Well done!

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