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Seal Church Of England Primary School

Seal Church Of England Primary School

Harmonious Harvest

In this experience our key concept is performance. We will be building upon our learning in Year 1 and will be focusing on pitch, dynamics, duration, rhythm and tone. We will experiment with these concepts on different instruments. Our outcome is to perform using what we have learnt at our Harvest Festival.

First, we recapped instruments names, as we learnt this in Year 1. 

Next, we learnt about dynamics and rhythm. 

We showed Academic Excellence by using key, expert vocabulary such as high and low pitch and piano and forte to describe dynamics. 

We used one of our thinking tools, the ladder ranking to order instruments like experts and showed aspiration to try to work towards a target. 

We chose the children we worked with and where we worked to suit how we learn best.

Then, we learnt about rhythm, duration and tone and experimented with this on the instruments. 

 We are very much looking forward to our Harvest performance! 

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