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Seal Church Of England Primary School

Seal Church Of England Primary School


How can I make my lunch box healthier?

With this short learning experience, we will discover healthy habits with a special focus on food. 

Like with every other experience, we began with our little song 'what's in the box to discover our learning provocations. At first, we thought they had nothing in common until some of us started to make links between them: sports, hygiene and good food are good for you.


And the word 'healthy' arose. 

We came up with a definition for that word and made a list of things we knew were healthy and, on the other side, unhealthy things.  


We focused on food and the need for a balanced diet to stay healthy but, first, we needed to know where some of the foodstuffs we eat came from. We did a bit of research about our favourite meals and common foodstuff we eat every day, and we were very surprised of knowing where they grow, or where they come from! We couldn't believe that crisps are potatoes. Or that cheese is a dairy product that comes from milk!



We tried different healthy fruits and vegetables in class during our snack times and joined in with funny activities using food.




We learnt about our '5 a day' and about what a 'balanced diet' means. We discovered that there are different types of foodstuff, and they all have different functions within our bodies. Besides, we have to eat them in the right amount to stay healthy!



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