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Seal Church Of England Primary School

Seal Church Of England Primary School

Here comes the Big Bad Wolf!

Once upon a time...

Our children have been very interested in the Big Bad Wolf lately, so we decided that the next experience will be linked to traditional stories and the always despicable Big Bad Wolf. 

We worked in depth The Three Little Pigs, Goldilocks and Little Red Riding hood through different activities before setting to the task of creating the outcome of our experience: a compilation of bedtime stories. 

We listened to all the stories and divided them into different parts - beginning, middle and end - as well as the characters. We used 'adjectives' to describe the piggies, Goldilocks and the Big Bad Wolf.

We used those 'adjectives' to describe their character, their physical traits and their clothes as well! 

We also did some art and creative activities, like making piggies and bears masks or design and build the three little piggies house with real materials to check, first hand, which one was more durable.


One of the activities we really enjoy was designing and creating a chair for Baby Bear, as Goldilocks had broken his. Using the Plan-Do-Review thinking skill and playing in small groups, we all come up with a plan to build the chair and did it. Then, as a big group, we tried each one of the chairs, trying to predict if they would be able to hold our weight or not. Only one of them did, but we had a very good time trying!


We played with sizes and colours, sorting out the teddy bears according to their characteristics - big, medium, small and encouraging counting the to put them into the little beds, developing our maths skills: using the language of sizes, counting and numbers in order up to ten.

And we recalled and represented every story. Sometimes we didn't remember them very well and the final results were hilarious! ​​​​​​


We also created our own stories, choosing the setting, characters and making up the storyline. Then, we read them aloud in class, for all our friends to enjoy them. 



And, finally, our outcome!


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The end.

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