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Seal Church Of England Primary School

Seal Church Of England Primary School

Home Learning

Welcome to our home learning page. I will be setting the children tasks to do at home with videos and things attached to help you. 

Please can you email me some of the work once it is done as well please, I will be checking to see if I am not getting work from children. 

I hope that this time is not too disrupted for you and it goes as smoothly as possible. Good luck!

Miss Fermor and Mrs Mitchell will be uploading new challenges every Monday, so please find the link for their page here

Breaking News!

23.3.20 - What brilliant work I have received so far, I have uploaded it onto the tab 'Celebration Time!'-so you can see it. Keep sending it in and show everyone how amazing you are. Also let me know about your aspirational challenge if you haven't told me already. Thank you. 

Best wishes,

Miss Martin

24.3.20 - so far I have had some excellent responses to what you aspire to be. For example becoming an expert at cooking curries, learning TaeKwondo, baking, hairstyling (I hope you have a volunteer!), singing and drawing Marvel characters. Keep them coming in please!

It has also been amazing to hear some children have gone virtual with their learning and are contacting each other through Skype! #learningtogether

25.3.20 - I hope you're having as much enjoyment in becoming an expert in your chosen activity as I am! If you wish to see what I have been up to, go to the timetable page for today and you'll find the images I have uploaded. 

I look forward to seeing your attempts today.

19.37pm - what an amazing day of learning we have had today! Many of you are trying so hard with your Maths and Literacy and I'm so proud of you! We are slowly catching up to Badgers in our TTrockstars tournament, we still have time to beat them so get times-tabling! 

Keep well and best wishes,

Miss Martin

26.3.20 - As you all have worked so hard this week, I have kept the afternoon simple and I want you to make sure you are taking time to look after yourselves, especially your minds.

16.44pm - Wow! what a lot of thought you lot have put into the preparation of our science experiment tomorrow. I bet we will have a lot of quiet usage of technology from now on (Happy parents!) I am also loving to read your information texts you have made for Literacy today, very informative and everyone has been able to apply their understanding of headings, subheading and bullet points/numbered lists.

Keep well,

Miss Martin

27.3.20 - 12.51pm - Come on Beavers, Badgers are beating us! We have until Wednesday to catch up!

A special well done to Rudy Sparks, April Corgan and Emmylou Pop, your efforts are keeping us in the running!

Well done Beavers you've made it to the end of a difficult week. Now is the time to let yourself rest at the weekend, but also to take the time to look after yourself.

Be safe,

Miss Martin

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