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Seal Church Of England Primary School

Seal Church Of England Primary School

I'm growing

How can I look after a plant?


Directly linked with the EYFS area of Understanding the World, this learning experience was developed to understand the changes of 'living things' over time with the main focus on plants. 

We are very lucky to have a farm on our school ground! We were able to visit it and learn about how animals grow. We were very surprised about the growing stages of our hens! Some of us were not aware yet that they come from eggs. 

We also had the opportunity to enjoy the company of two very special friends: two of our newly hatched farm chicks! 

We discovered that there are many things that grow apart from ourselves: animals like chickens, frogs or butterflies, plants... We had a little review on the life cycle of butterflies before focusing fully on plants. 

We had a lot of messy play using soil and improve our fine motor skills using spoons. However, we are very creative and, apart from planting, we used the soil tray as an 'ice cream van', 'sand castle making', even for making hamburgers and milkshakes! 


We learnt about their different stages of development and added new vocabulary to our lists, beginning with a tiny seed, sprouting and growing roots, then growing up the stem and leaves and springing flowers. We really enjoyed the fast motion videos of pepper and strawberries seed growing.










We reviewed the basic things we need to look after a plant. Mainly, soil, water and sunlight.

After the videos of fast growing plants, we were very curious about strawberries, so we got to grow our own ones! We moved the little plants to bigger plant pots, making sure we had all the elements we needed for them to grow. 


After a week, flowers started to spring, and then they turned into tiny strawberries! We water them regularly to make sure they grow healthy and strong.





And, with all the knowledge in hand, we were ready to grow our own plants! We decorated our plant pots using googly eyes - we will be growing cress heads! - planted the seeds, and took them home to look after them. 


Update: they're growing! Thanks for the pictures, everyone!



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