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Seal Church Of England Primary School

Seal Church Of England Primary School

It's Christmas!

Directly linked with our character traits for term 2, citizenship and care, we developed this experience to learn about Christmas and about kindness: what can we do to be kind and what people in the community are kind.

We started having a little surprise... The naughty elf was trying to eat all the candy canes! And that was not kind at all... 

We had to explain the elf what actions make us be kind to each other, so we decided to make a list and some pictures of 'things that are nice at Christmas - and the rest of the year too'. 

We also spoke a little bit about our family customs and routines during Christmas: food, Christmas decorations and how we celebrate Christmas in different countries. 


We had a lovely wrapping station on the role-play area and we were able to use it to wrap presents and make Christmas cards for our friends, practising our fine motor skills, cutting and practising our name writing and mark-making skills. 



Snow and cold were a topic that came up very frequently when we spoke about Christmas, so we had plenty of messy play with ice and different messy snow replacements to explore their textures, consistency and temperatures. 







Once we had a clear definition and a list of how to be caring and kind, we start thinking on people of the community that look after us or that care about other people. We investigated a bit further into professions before coming up with a list of people we thought had an important role in 'caring' in the community - key workers mostly. And we made a list! 

The next step on our learning was to come up with a good idea to make those people know we appreciate them looking after us, so we decided to make our own Christmas cards - we agreed on what we wanted to say according to what we had learnt about those professions - and sent some Christmas pictures as a present. 






We received lovely responses to our Christmas cards from our cleaner, the Sevenoaks police and Sainsbury's local supermarket, expressing their gratitude and thanking us for our Christmas wishes and kindness. 

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