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Seal Church Of England Primary School

Seal Church Of England Primary School


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Five Big Ideas in Teaching for Mastery | NCETM

At Seal, we follow a teaching for mastery approach. We believe:

Everyone can learn maths at a high level.

Every child should have access to the core concepts of the lesson. Content is broken down into steps that are small enough for every child to gain a deep understanding of the content and make progress. Lessons use concrete and pictorial models in order to support an abstract understanding.


It is more important to think deeply and creatively than to be fast.

Key number facts should be learnt to automaticity through regular and repeated practice. When solving problems and reasoning, however, children should be encouraged to explain how they have come to an answer. Adult-led questioning promotes a deeper understanding of content by guiding children towards making connections between different ideas and using manipulatives to represent their thinking.


How do you know that?

How does that compare to this?

How could you show me with these?


Mistakes are part of the learning process; we must learn from them.

Our marking and feedback in mathematics encourages children to learn from mistakes. Communication between peers and staff should allow the opportunity to both identify and address misconceptions as they occur. Mistakes should be valued as they create an opportunity for discussion and can reveal structures and intricacies that have not yet been thought about. A child getting every question correct does not necessarily mean the work was too easy.


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