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Seal Church Of England Primary School

Monday 11th May





L.O. To tell the time (applying)


Now that you have learnt how to tell the time on an analogue clock, it is time to show us what you can do.


If you have an analogue clock in your house, tell the time each time you start a new activity on today’s timetable and write it next to the activity you are doing; for example:


25 to 10 – guided reading

10 o’clock – mental maths etc.


There are some more time activities later on today. If you want something a little easier, skip this part of the timetable and continue with maths as normal.

9:00 – 9:30


  Image result for reading clip art







Reading – If you are in Read, Write Inc, Oxford Owl have made available the e-books relevant to your RWI level. You will need to create a login first so please visit:


Once you have confirmed your login on your email it will direct you to a page that says “Find a book” Please click on that and then follow the instructions below.


Click on e-books and find your relevant book colour to read. Please read the same book 3 times.

1st day – read to decode the words and make sure you can read every word in the book.

2nd day – read the book again and try to read with fluency and expression.

3rd day – read the book again and answer the comprehension questions at the end.


Please take part in the Speed Sounds lesson which is live streamed from:


Set 1 lesson is at 9:30am or 12:30pm (red, green & purple groups)

Set 2 lesson is at 10:00am or 1:00pm (pink, orange and yellow groups)

Set 3 lesson is at 10:30am or 1:30pm (blue and grey groups)



Please email your teacher to find out which group your child is in if you are not sure.


If you are in guided reading, this week we will be working on summarising. Remember, summarising is pulling out the most important things that have happened. Today, read the first chapter of ‘The Owl who was afraid of the dark.’ and read my summary. Is it a good summary? Explain why. Are there any important points that I have missed? Explain what you think should have been included and why.






9:30 – 9:45am


Image result for times tables clip art


Mental Arithmetic – The 5 x Table.


Watch the video tutorial on the 5 x table:






Then watch this 5x table song:









Image result for relax clip art9:45am-10:00am



Do a chosen mindfulness activity e.g. drawing, going for a walk (if you can), dancing, listening to music and deep breathing etc.






  Image result for healthy snack clip art










Breaktime - have a healthy snack and play.



  Image result for maths







L.O. To tell the time (applying)


SC1 – I can tell the time when the minute hand is pointing at o’clock, half past, quarter past and quarter to.

SC2 – I can tell the time in the ‘past’ part of the clock.

SC3 – I can tell the time in the ‘to’ part of the clock.


Please select a challenge depending on how you feel about telling the time.


Challenge 1 – writing the time for clocks showing o’clock, half past, quarter past and quarter to.


Challenge 2 – writing the time for clocks showing different times at 5 minute intervals.


Challenge 3 – converting between analogue and digital clocks.


Please find the tasks on the class page.


11:45 – 12:00

See the source image





Adding suffixes: -ly


1.       Watch this video and write down the 4 rules for adding the suffix ly in your home learning journal. 





2.       Watch the BBC Bitesize video about using the suffix “ly” then have a go at the 3 games and the quiz below the video.







Lunchtime and playtime







Image result for pencil clipart


2020 – Year of change.


Challenge 6!

Please watch the challenge video from Miss Fermor and Mrs Mitchell.





LO: Reflect upon my current knowledge of a subject

SC1 -  I can discuss my understanding of plants

SC2 -  I can record what I know about plants

SC3 -  I can ask questions to further my learning


So now that you have watched the challenge video, you will know that this week we are going to be having a go at planting something that eventually we are going to be able to eat!


As with all our challenges we are going to start by thinking about the things we already know about plants. Please watch the first part of my video tutorial up to

3 minutes 36 seconds 




Task 1 – Create your mind map which includes these 3 strands


1.       What do I already know about plants?

2.       What types of plants to I already know of?

3.       What do I think a plant needs to grow?


Have a look at my example below.


Task 2 – Watch the second part of my video tutorial from 3 minutes 36 seconds until the end. 

Have a think about what questions you have about growing your own plants and record them in your home journal.



Please send a copy of your mind map and questions to your teacher, we are excited to see what you already know about plants!



















Joe Wicks did a workout at the weekend this week, it looks so nice and sunny in his garden, have a go at the workout:







  See the source image








Story time


Watch a story read by Miss Fermor:








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