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Seal Church Of England Primary School

Seal Church Of England Primary School

Monday 18th January 2021

Dear Woodpeckers,

I hope you are all doing well. 

I am so proud of how you have being doing with the work set and the high standard of work produced. 

Please see below for the timetable with today's learning, tutorial and resources.

Remember to send me your work once it is completed. If you are sending your work via google docs, please could you make sure it is dated so it is easier to find-thank you. 

I will include some fantastic pieces on our class celebration page. 

Have a lovely day,

Miss Stuart




Exercise-Please do the live online Joe Wicks workout (on you-tube) or an exercise of your choice.



L.O: To use my knowledge of algebra to solve word problems (show: applying)

Success criteria:

  1. I can understand which parts of the question are relevant
  2. I can write algebraic expressions based on the word problems
  3. I can explain how to write algebraic expressions to solve word problems



  • Watch the tutorial on algebra word problems
  • Complete challenge 1 or challenge 2 (challenge 2 is harder)
  • Write an evaluative comment linked to the success criteria.


The answers for both challenges are included on the website so you can self-mark. Please let me know how you do with this.










L.O: To understand the perfect form of verbs (know: understanding)

Success criteria:

  1. I can understand how perfect verb forms are constructed
  2. I can use perfect verb forms in my writing to show the relationship of time and cause
  3. I can explain what a perfect verb form is


L.O: To show my understanding of the perfect form of verbs (show: applying)

Success criteria:

  1. I can use perfect verb forms in my writing to show the relationship of time and cause
  2. I can explain what a perfect verb form is
  3. I can use reported speech


Overview: Over the next few weeks we are reading the ‘Just So Stories’ by Rudyard Kipling. The final outcome will be to write your own original story of how an animal got its…in the style of the author. The stories will be made into a Federation eBook so you can all read each other’s stories.  



Read How the Whale Got Its Throat by Rudyard Kipling and/or listen to/watch the story read below.

Answer the following questions on the story.

  • What techniques does the author use to engage the reader? Give evidence from the text?
  • Find and copy the part of the text that shows the whale is keen to get to the human.
  • The man is described as being of ‘infinite resource and sagacity’, can you explain in your own words what this means?
  • Do you think the whale should have listened to the ‘Stute fish? Explain your reasoning with evidence from the text.


Main task: Write a letter from the whale explaining what has happened to you

and how you got your throat. Harder challenge: To write the letter from the mariner’s perspective. Remember to use the past perfect tense.

Watch the tutorial and use the checklist to help you.




Aim to write at least a page. You can type your letter if you prefer.

Evaluate your letter linked to the success criteria.








L.O: To understanding adaptation (know: understanding)

Success criteria:

  1. I can record what I already know about adaptation
  2. I can include the skills I will need to use
  3. I can ask questions I want to investigate on adaptation


Task: To create a mind map on Adaptation

Over the next few weeks are focusing on how animals and plants adapt to their environment to survive. The outcome will be to produce a guide of your choice on adaptation which we will share with other year groups in key stage two.


The National Curriculum objective: identify how animals and plants are adapted to suit their environment in different ways and that adaptation may lead to evolution


For your mind map this afternoon please include:

  1. What is the task?

Explain what the task is and the purpose of it.

  1. What I already know.
  2. What do I need to know?

List all the things you will need to know to complete this outcome

      c. What skills will I use?

List all the skills you will need to be able to complete this outcome.

     d. Questions you have about adaptation.

     e. Key vocabulary 

Include drawings and illustrations too for your mind map.    

For more guidance please look at my example on our webpage called ‘mind map example Monday 18th January 2021.’

Remember to consider your layout and presentation-aim high like you do in your learning journals/books at school. 


Play TT Rockstar or Hit the Button



well-being with Mrs Smith







Story time




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