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Seal Church Of England Primary School

Seal Church Of England Primary School

Monday 1st

Marvellous Monday

8:45  Zoom Call

Let's find out about Mr Steven's PE challenge....



Now let's run through today's learning.....

9:00 Getting ready for learning

         Choose something energetic from your year page


         Heel toe walking across the room and back


Reading:  choose a new book and follow the words using the audio

Speed sounds:

Set 2:  or (shut the door)

Set 3: ue (come to the rescue)


Getting ready for maths: Brain teasers today

1. I am thinking of a number.  I add 1.  I now have 6.  What was my number?

2.  I am thinking of a number.  I take away 10.  I now have 0.  What was my number?

3. I am thinking of a number.  I times it by 7 and I now have 42.  What was my number 


Maths:  Thinking about months





High frequency words and spelling: say the letters and then the word as you write them in the air.

Green:  green, seeds, to, go, are, you


Orange:  seeds, three, are, put, stopping, sunny


Red: huge, shouted, someone, how, were, yellow


Purple: believe, decide, imagine, certain, possible, thought



Literacy - The Jolly Postman - recap and introducing formal letters

LO: I can remember parts of a letter

1. Listen to the story of the Jolly Postman on the video

2. Look at 'all the letters from the book' at the bottom of the timetable. Can you find the formal letters? Can you read some of the letters?








Afternoon challenges - Book week and Rights Respecting



Which book themed project(s) will you choose? Will you do the Rights Respecting poster?

You will find more information in the 'week 2 afternoon challenges' document below.

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