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Seal Church Of England Primary School

Seal Church Of England Primary School

Monday 1st February




Daily zoom session

A chance to see your friends, run through the plan for the day and get ready to learn!

10 minutes +

Sensory Circuit or physical activity of your choice

15 minutes


Complete the RWI or guided reading session that you have been allocated. Please contact me if you are unsure or would like to discuss reading.

15 minutes +

Mini Maths - Multiplication

TT Rockstars

5 minutes

Little Literacy - Inverted commas

Please watch the following video

10 minutes

Rights Respecting Assembly

Please watch the assembly about ‘Children’s Mental Health Week.’



30 – 45 minutes

Literacy – Our own Nurture book! – story sequencing

TASK: To create a beginning, middle and end to your story using a story map.

LO: To understand how a story is structured and planned

SC1: I know that the beginning introduces the characters and setting

SC2: I know that in the middle an event or problem happens

SC3: I know that at the end the event finishes or the problem is resolved

This week we are going to make our own mini stories using some of the characters to put into our storybook. Please watch my video where I will take you through step by step how to plan a beginning, middle and end using a story map.

Resources - You will need the following:

1. Your work from Friday

2. The story map attachment





30 – 45 minutes


TASK: To watch the first short video to learn how to construct a bar chart. Then watch my short video which explains step by step the activity you need to do at home -  construct a bar chart from either your own bird watching data or mine.

LO: To represent data in a bar chart
SC1: I know what data is
SC2: I know what a bar chart is
SC3: I understand how to draw the different features

Resources – You will need the following:

1. Bird watching table (or your own bird watching data)

2. Squared paper






15 minutes


Please watch this video to find out your indoor/wellbeing challenge today.




10 minutes +

Mini outdoor challenge –  egg box treasure hunt

Go into your garden or on a walk and collect some treasures to fit inside your egg box! What did you find?!


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