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Seal Church Of England Primary School

Seal Church Of England Primary School

Monday 20th April

Timetable Monday 20th April



9:00 – 9:30

Exercise with Joe Wicks – Please see link on exercise page

9:30 – 10:00

Guided Reading – See below


RWI - Oxford Owl have made available for parents all the ebooks linked to each RWI level. This means you no longer need to upload the books to the webpage. 

Go onto the webpage below:

Then click on ebooks 

Register yourself - this is completely free.

Once registered you can then open all the ebooks and choose the correct banded level for your child.


Maths – Multiplication

Lesson 3 – Multiplication

LO: To use existing knowledge of times tables when multiplying by a multiple of 10.

SC1. I can consider strategies when multiplying.

SC2: I can discuss what place value is and how it changes when multiplied by a multiple of 10.

SC3: I can solve number problems.

During today’s lesson you may want to pause the video to give yourself time to explain your answers to your parents or to write an answer down.




Today, I want you to use your existing knowledge of times tables to help you solve the following problems. I want you to consider how knowing the answer to a problem such as 2x5= will support you when solving a problem such as 20x5=. You can draw your place value counters to solve these problems or if you are confident you can simply use your existing knowledge of times tables to support you.

a)5x3=       g)7x5=

b)50x3=     h)70x5=

c) 4x5=       i)3x8=

d) 40x5=     j)30x8=

e) 9x2=       k)6x4=

f) 90x2=      l)60x4=

Challenge Question

Once you have completed the problems, I want you to look at the questions and your answers and I want you to write an explanation of how your existing knowledge of the times tables and place value helps you to solve problems such as 40x5=.


Answers will be published at 5pm. Please see below for attachment.


Break/Snack Time


English – Choosing pictures and captions


Learning Objective - To plan effectively for using pictures and captions


Success criteria 1) I can discuss the use of pictures and captions

Success criteria 2) I can choose pictures and captions to match what I have written

Success criteria 3) I can construct a plan for my writing


Today we will be moving on to our next part of planning our information texts. We would like you to use the information you have written in your plan to create a number of pictures and captions to go alongside. If you finish this with time to spare, you could start to think about what you are going to put on your front cover.

When you have finished this, you should have all the parts of your information text ready to put together.


Task 1 – Choose pictures and captions to with your information

Task 2 – If you have spare time, think about your front cover





English – Start to write up information text using all resources


Learning Objective - To write an information text


Success criteria 1) I can use the features on an information text

Success criteria 2) I can write about the Stone Age

Success criteria 3) I can use my plan to help me write my information text



You now have all of the parts to write your own information text on the Stone Age. This can either be typed or hand written. When you have finished, make sure to check you have all of the features of an information text we have discussed. See the bottom of this page for my example information text.


TTRockstars and/or Mathletics

Great TTRockstars news, today is the start of a new Battle of the Bands -

Foxes "vs" Otters.

For the next two weeks both classes need to log on and play as many games

as possible to get the highest score. Good luck!


Story time






                         Please check the tab at the side for this week’s spellings.

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